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A-Level Art

This is a 2 Years Programme offering by STEP Institute of Art & Design Management (IADM) in Pakistan. Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in A Level Art & Design (Vocational) programme is designed to focus on communication and expression. Thus, learners gain a high understanding of visual perception and aesthetic experience. Likewise, A level colleges, most of the course content for this syllabus is practical or technology-based. Hence, learners can develop their abilities of observation and analysis of the visual world. This program relates to the overall areas of art & craft including fashion, BFA Textile, BFA Graphics, interior architecture, painting, sculpture, etc. Lastly, this degree is for the ones seeking an understanding of knowledge and skills that can prepare them for employment.

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What Will You Learn In A-Level Art & Design?

A-Level Art & Design Vocational
Design and technology A level will help students to learn the 2D & 3D expertise as practising artists. A-Level art involves a variety of projects along with a huge range of materials to improve students’ several styles. Moreover, all students of private A level schools create a portfolio of their work to present it in the final year. Likewise, you will get an opportunity to work individually on numerous practical projects of design A level. Learners are encouraged to experiment by using a great range of materials i.e. ceramics, design, printmaking, photography, etc. Finally, admission at A level will help you achieve knowledge about historical genres & styles to support your work. You will develop your work portfolio which will determine your understanding and creativity regarding A Level Art & Design.

What Benefits Will You Get?

Our A-level high school course will aid the learners to be;

  • Responsible for having a charge of their personal growth as experts. Which is possible with an independent attitude towards the creative procedure.
  • Discerning through recording of the concepts and critically analyzing their own work. Thus, attaining review, refine & adapt the strategy.
  • Innovative enough to combine techniques & methodologies to evolve problem-solving skills.
  • Affianced to elevate their work by discovering numerous concepts, movements, and artists.

Significance Of A-Level Art Admission:

Our approach in IDAM A levels for adults inspire students to be confident. Furthermore, it encourages them to experiment with new materials and media in 2D & 3D dimensional procedures. Likewise, this best college for A-levels helps them to take risks and enhance their technical skills to create personalized artistic style. Just like any best A level colleges in Lahore, you need to fulfil the A level entry requirements to get enrolled in STEP institute. Like A level colleges nearby, students work in the studio of art and design. Further, they research the contemporary and historical context of designers and artists. Moreover, they get opportunities for educational visits related to the A levels course. Combined with studio projects, English &Maths is being taught as an essential course of study. This prepares them for further education and employment.

Objectives Of A-Level Art :

The goals of A level are;

  • To develop the research & evaluation skills in A level art & design vocational
  • Accelerating the confidence of experimentation to be imaginative, innovative and intuitive.
  • Acknowledging the technical terms and language utilized in art, craft, and design A level.
  • Improving the ability to record from direct observation & personal experience.
  • Enhancing their communication skills, specifically the capability to connect feelings and concepts.

Future Prospects Of Design A-Level Art :

There are several reasons to choose A level in Lahore. For instance, students can gain entrance to the extremely selective programmes of a graduate degree. Which include Sculpture, Textiles, Computer Design, BFA in Graphic Design, Fashion Architecture, and Art. Additionally, subjects of our A level school presents opportunities to cultivate the skills in interpretation, research, creative execution, and analysis. Moreover, many people choose BTEC in Art & Design so they can turn their education into a professional career. They can be art professionals, art directors, actors, teachers, therapists, freelance artists, and fine artists and so on. Besides, learning A levels Art & Design will prepare an individual with transferable expertise both for life & vocational parts. This programme permits you to explore a great variety of disciplines before making a determining about the area you want to study. Constant assessment of your projects and effective feedbacks will help you grow as an individual.


A-Level art & design in Lahore is for those who are seeking knowledge and skills to prepare them for employment and further education. Furthermore, ones having a sense which drives their passion &interest for admission in A level art & design. Likewise, if you are creative & excited to seek an overview of art and design. Then, this course is exactly for you. You will relish functioning related to aspects of design and art in creative studios equipped with materials and media.


A level degree comprises of the conceptions which assist students to cultivate a profound knowledge about their subject. Further, art and design A level course might open up novel ways for students about acknowledging the essential things for learning. Moreover, the upright teaching of A level art & design in Pakistan will convey:

  • Understanding this subject in huge depth
  • Self-reliance to apply this knowledge in different conditions
  • Vocabulary and concepts to link several aspects together
  • A level of mastery in the subject to aid students in getting a higher education