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urine culture test is used for detecting germs in the urine for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTIs) which are frequent health problems. The urinary tract consists of tubes, bladder, ureters, and urethra that contain urine. The infection generally starts in the urethra or bladder and can spread to any part of the urinary system. In more severe cases, the urinary tract infection (UTI) causes belly pain or fever. A urine culture test checks a urine sample for diagnosis. The urine sample must be clean so that it only shows germs due to urinary tract infection and not from any other source such as skin. Labwork360 provides urine culture test in Houston and all other types of medical diagnostic tests and mobile phlebotomy service/at-home specimen collection for them. 

urine culture test
A urine culture test is used for detecting germs in the urine for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTIs) which are frequent health problems.

The urine culture test is different from urinalysis as it is not among the routine urinalysis tests. The procedures for these tests are different. The purpose of the urine culture test is to determine the type of bacteria that has caused the urinary tract infection(s) so it is prescribed after the urinalysis test. Hence, if the urinalysis tests show a high possibility of UTIs, then the patient is prescribed the urine culture test. A urine culture test is often prescribed to pregnant women as they are more prone to UTIs and these infections can harm the baby.

Urine Culture Test  – Procedure

A petri dish is used for storing drops of urine specimens at body temperature. Further, the yeast and bacteria in the specimen grow and multiply and the lab worker examines them under the microscope. This process analyses the colour, shape, type, and size of those germs as well as their growth rate. In the case of an infection, generally, one form of bacteria dominates. This is how this test finds out the identity of the germs in the urine samples and diagnoses diseases. Moreover, further testing can also provide information about the drugs which can be most effective for preventing this infection. 

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Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – Urine Culture Test Diagnosis UTIs

The most common germ that causes UTIs is E. Coli. These bacteria inhabit the intestines. 

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – Treatment

It is important to treat urinary tract infections as they could damage the kidney if they reach it. If the results of the urine culture test indicate a UTI, the patient is prescribed antibiotics. UTIs can be treated with antibiotics most of the time. However, women are prone to experiencing urinary tract infection(s) again after recovery. The deficiency of oestrogen and postmenopausal conditions increase the risk of UTIs. Moreover, an enlarged prostate increases the risk of UTIs in older men. 

Urine Culture Versus Urinalysis

Urinalysis is different from the urine culture test as a urine culture exam consists of forming copies of bacteria in the urine specimens by growing them in a petri dish. This procedure is carried out for diagnosing urinary tract infections. Though the process for collecting samples for both these tests is the same. Either the clean catch method is used to take urine samples or a catheter is inserted into the bladder through the urethra. 

If the results of urinalysis show a high possibility of UTI, the healthcare provider prescribed the urine culture test to identify the type of bacteria that has caused that specific UTI. 

Can urine culture tests diagnose kidney infection?

A urine culture test is prescribed to monitor the treatment of kidney infection. The first treatment for kidney infection is antibiotics. The duration of treatment with antibiotics depends on the patient’s health and the type of bacteria identified in the urine tests. Generally, the signs of kidney infection clear up within only some days of treatment. The patient has to complete the whole course of antibiotics as specified in the prescription of the doctor, even after they apparently recover from the infection. A urine culture test is then used to determine whether the infection has cleared. If the infection persists, they need to complete the antibiotics course again. 

Urine tests are also used for diagnosing kidney infections. These tests find out any pus, bacteria, or blood in urine and make a diagnosis accordingly. Further, blood tests are used to help with diagnosis. Depending on the condition, the patient is also prescribed ultrasound, X-ray, or CT scans to confirm the type of infection. 

Signs of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – When should an individual get the urine culture tests?

UTI can change the colour of the urine and impart a cloudy appearance and a pinkish shade which indicates the presence of blood. Moreover, the patient can experience vomiting, chills, and shaking. UTIs cause only a small amount of urine to exit from the bladder. 

What is the urine culture test during pregnancy?

As UTIs are very common during pregnancy, it becomes necessary to get a urine culture test to diagnose them. This is also because UTIs do not show any noticeable symptoms and can go unnoticed. Hence, the urine culture test is prescribed many times during pregnancy as a precautionary measure. UTIs are so common during pregnancy that between 2% to 10% of pregnant women experience them. More so, UTIs have a high possibility of recurrence, and women who have had UTIs before are more likely to experience them during pregnancy. It is important to diagnose and treat UTIs caused during pregnancy as untreated UTIs can affect the kidneys causing low birth weight and early labour. The UTIs do not cause harm to the baby if the doctor treats them at an early stage and properly. 

Other Tests Prescribed With the Urine Culture Test

The urine culture test identifies the yeast or bacteria causing a UTI. Further, the patient can be prescribed an antibody sensitivity test to identify the type of antibiotic that can likely kill that type of bacteria. 

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